Staff from JWS Europe Ltd were lucky enough to attend the European Bubble Festival in Gwynedd recently. As reported by the BBC, this event was an awe-inspiring opportunity for all fans of bubbles to come together and share their latest techniques, sculptures and tricks.

Amongst a weekend of high-lights were the Bubble Rave, Bubble Science Talks and some successful attempts to re-take some key bubble-related Guinness World Records. Attendees participated in breaking the world record for the largest number of people to create giant bubbles in one place and the greatest number of people to produce multiple bubbles.

A real highlight of the show, amidst the historical background, was Tom Noddy’s performance, packed full of its normal finesse and incredible bubble manipulation techniques. Great to see Pro Bubbleologist Jesse Ward in her element too!

We want to celebrate the art of creating bubbles not only for their scientific qualities, but also the entertaining and mesmerising qualities of bubble art performances,” said Galeri artistic director Nici Beech.

There were over 1300 people at the event – proof of the growing popularity in the discipline of bubbleology – and of course the pure joy of blowing bubbles. Why not have a look at the JWS bubble range here.

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