Introducing Inside³ – The Blind Puzzle Cube

JWS Europe are proud to announce that we are exclusive distributors for the amazing Inside³ range of Puzzles. For those not already familiar, these are sealed labyrinth boxes. Players are armed with a small window from which to launch their ball and a layer-based map embossed on to the side of the cube. Using their map reading skills as well as their senses of touch and sound, players must navigate the inner levels to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Inside³ come in a series of 12 puzzles – each getting sequentially harder. The NoVice range are great for kids and beginner puzzle solvers – But the ZERO series is where things get exciting. These puzzles feature wrong-turns, trap falls, open chambers and complex twists and turns.

The final 3 Puzzles in the series are known as PHANTOMS. As if the challenge wasn’t enough, these cubes have extra ghost balls lodged inside which are super disorientating when listening for your ball’s position. As a final, cruel twist – these harder puzzles have their maps removed and some can’t be taken apart! You may never find your ball again!

Each Inside³ Puzzle is deisgned and made in the EU to high standards. Even their packaging has hidden jokes! If you’re interested in stocking the Inside³ range why not get in touch.

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