You may be aware that Max, the Managing Director of JWS Europe Ltd,  has just moved with his family to live full time in Lithuania. The weather is beautiful there and his daughter is very happy at her new school. Everyone has been very welcoming, kind and friendly.


JWS Europe has always believed in the harmony, unity and principles of the EU. This is why he is now permanently living in Lithuania; our chosen EU base.


This will allow us to continue supplying you with all our wonderful products through all scenarios.
We have set up EU operations in a way so that all your normal contacts will be able to answer any questions. The only change will be a new EU based bank account (information to follow). In addition, your orders may be fulfilled from Lithuania rather than the UK. We will be continuing to offer free shipping on orders of 500 euros.


Max is personally delighted and happy to be living full time within the EU community.
If you have any questions you can contact us via email at [email protected] anytime!
Best Wishes
From the entire Jws Europe Team