The JWS team exhibited at this year’s London Book Fair. Held at the historical Olympia Exhibition Centre, this fair was an opportunity for publishers, retailers and book lovers to come together and share insights in the book industry, as well as forecasting new trends and throwing a light on up-and-coming creatives.

JWS used the oppurtunity to launch their latest title, Professional Bubbleology – The Art of Blowing Bubbles. Written in collaboration with a selection of incredible bubble performers, this comprensive title explores everything to do with bubbles. From their history and the science behind bubbles, to a curated selection of incredible tricks – right the way through practical tips on how to throw your own bubble party.

Alongside this warmly received book, JWS exhibited it’s range of European-made bubble toys, including the Inside3 Labyrinth range and the V-Cube twisty puzzle selection – both lines exclusively distributed by JWS Europe.

Experience has shown that Book Retailers love quirky, affordable, high-quality products that stimulate the mind as much as a good read- so these, tacticle engaging toys with their compact CDUs are an ideal solution to that need.

Next week (April 24th-15th) The JWS team will be exhibiting at the London Stationery Show – if you’re attending, please stop by and say hello!.

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