JWS Europe LTD is delighted to announce that we are the official European distributor for Uncle Bubble (Hold). For bubbleologist performers and serious hobbyists, this brand will already be synonymous with high-performance liquids, beautifully designed bubble props and their world renown concentrates. But for our wider base of retailers we wanted to introduce this ingenious brand and cast an eye over some of their cornerstone products.

Uncle Bubble is a family business based in Taiwan. At the heart of their operation is a love and passion for all things bubble-related. Anyone who has seen a bubbleologist show done well will relate to the inspiring magic of a bubble trick. To better facilitate working bubbleologists, the Uncle Bubble team developed their 1:9 concentrate formula. This liquid allows performers to carry only a small amount of concentrate from show to show – but with the addition of cool tap water, they can quickly make 10 times the amount! What’s more, the Uncle Bubble formula is perfect for a number of different bubble disciplines.

Uncle Bubble formula makes bubbles that are long-lasting – even in demanding conditions. Their malleability and longevity mean they’re ideal for jumbo-sized bubbles as well as more intricate bubble sculptures which require adding bubbles in ever-increasing patterns and combinations. They’re also ideal for bubble bouncing!

In fact, Uncle Bubble formula is so amazing it has no less than four Guinness World Records to its name including Most Bubbles Inside a Bubble, Most Inner Bubble Domes and Most Bubble Bounces with a Single Bubble.

JWS is now able to offer this dynamic, mesmerising formula to its retailer customer base – including some never before release products including the 32oz Mega Concentrate Bottle.

In addition to this incredible formula, JWS is able to offer the Mega-Loop – an amazing tool that lets just about anyone put their friends inside a bubble. This giant wand with inflatable dipping pool will let users create giant bubble sculptures as well as bubble tubes around willing participants – everyone loves being inside a bubble – you can’t help but smile!

For fans of bubble sculptures, we have the Junior Bubbleologist Kit. With clever tools including a multi-wand, notched dipping tray, and ridged straws, bubbleologists can learn and perform amazing tricks including Bubble Cubes and Bubble Carousels.

For the Ultimate Bubble Fan, JWS has exclusively developed the Professional Bubbleology Kit. This comprehensive set includes the Mega-Loop, and Junior Bubbleologist and much more besides! Also included are the ‘unbeliev-a-bubble sword’ which extends into a wand at the flick of a button – a bubble bouncing kit with two different gloves, a foam trumpet and three bottles of 1:9 concentrate – enough to make nearly 10 litres or put 300+ people in bubbles!

These exciting new lines are in the JWS warehouse now and available for immediate dispatch. Why not contact your sales representative to discuss the amazing margins we have available for retailers on volume.


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